Blastocyst culture

The blastocyst is a term that is been given to the human embryo after its gets through the fertilization process of 5-6 days. Moreover, the embryo must need to reach this stage of development before getting implanted into the uterus. Also, the overall structure of the blastocyst is more complicated than the earlier embryo stages due to the increased number of cells along with the fact that the cell has transformed into two types and the trophectoderm, which play a key role in bringing along the process of implantation into the uterine lining along with the inner cell mass which further pushes the increase to the fetus itself.

The egg gets fertilized after the ovulation from the ovary and the embryo would then be going on to divide (cleave) as it travels through the fallopian tube. A blastocyst gets formed once the embryo reaches the uterus.

Benefits of Blastocyst culture

While we understand the definition and role played by the Blastocyst in the IVF process, its biggest benefit is the fact that it boosts the chances of pregnancy during an IVF treatment as compared to the embryos which are developed and transferred on day 3 of the embryo development process.

Who all requires Blastocyst culture?

  • Blastocyst culture comes as an immediate requirement for all the people who have gone through an unsuccessful IVF cycle where the embryos have been transferred to the uterus on day 3 itself and they are not been able to form Blastocyst even after day 3.
  • A Blastocyst culture helps you in determining which embryo holds the best chance to get implanted and with the help of it, we can also minimize the risk of multiple pregnancies by limiting the number of embryos transferred to the uterus
  • When it comes to patients over the age of 37 years, Blastocysts limit the need of transferring 3 embryos on day 3 by facilitating the Blastocyst transfer on day 5 only.

Why choose Bangkok surrogacy for blastocyst culture?

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