IUI (intrauterine insemination) at Bangkok surrogacy

IUI (intrauterine insemination) is one of the simplest procedures in the ART techniques which involves the placement of a cautiously prepped sperm collection to the patient’s uterus when the patient’s fertility levels are at their peak. The sperm gets developed and processed at an andrology lab and once the same process gets through, the most motile sperm is then separated and washed. Afterward, the same sperm sample is then carefully put through the cervix into the uterus with the help of a thin catheter (tube).

IUI is often been advised and recommended to males or female which are going through the following:

  • Males which are experiencing certain infertility symptoms like low sperm counts or poor sperm quality and motility
  • Males or female which is going through unexplained infertility issues
  • Couples who are using a sperm donor for IVF
  • Couples who have gone through unsuccessful IVF treatments in the past
  • Couples facing issues with sexual intercourse (commonly known as sexual dysfunction)
  • Couples who are finding it difficult to have sexual intercourse whilst going through fertility medications or IUI

When can IUI be performed?

IUI can be performed whilst a woman is going through her natural cycle or in combination with the medicines she is taking in order to stimulate the ovaries. Further studies in the same regard have also ascertained that combining IUI with fertility medication would further increase your chances of conception with IUI.

Moreover, IUI is performed nearby to the Ovulation and the timing of the same can be asecra7uined with the help of ovulation predictor kits or fertility monitors whilst taken through close monitoring via ultrasound and/or hormone testing. Further studies have confirmed that IUI brings along with best chances of conception during the first 3-4 months and if the patients are not been able to achieve conception

Why you must choose Bangkok surrogacy for IUI?

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