PGS Testing

The pre-implantation genetic screening comes beneficial for all those couples who are planning for a baby via IVF and want to test their genetics before the birth of the child in order to avoid the transportation of any kind of genetic health issues to the future child. This testing is generally conducted before the IVF cycle and it also comes good for all those old couples who are looking for a child via IVF and want to check down the probability of any health issues to be carried over to the future child.

Where is PGS more effective?

  • PGS works better for all patients who are above the age of 40 and want to start with the IVF cycle in order to achieve parenthood
  • It also comes good for women who have gone through various miscarriages in the past and want to ensure the non-occurrence of the same in the coming IVF cycle
  • This will further ensure that the patient going through the IVF would not be facing any kind of health complication in their pregnancy cycle out of the same genetic issues.

Advantages of PGS

  • PGS along with PGD helps in detecting any genetic disease or chromosomal abnormalities within the patient that they don’t want to carry forward to their future child.
  • PGS helps in identifying abnormal embryos, and also prevents the transfer of unhealthy embryos to the woman’s uterus during the IVF treatment
  • It further minimizes the risk of multiple pregnancies by locating only the healthy embryos from the developed ones
  • It further eliminates the risk of transferring any serious inherited health issues within the parents to the future child.

Why choose Bangkok surrogacy for PGS?

Here at Bangkok surrogacy, we are known for offering the best surrogacy services and PGS testing services across various countries like Kenya, Bangkok, Mexico, Canada, the USA, India, Cambodia, the UK, and so on. Bangkok surrogacy was established in 2007 and over the years, we have helped thousands of couples in making their “Child” dreams realized with the most effective surrogacy programs within their specified budget. Whilst our founder is a former intended parent, we can understand all the pain and stress you go through during the surrogacy process and that’s why always ensure to be there for you with all the support and required assistance at every step of your surrogacy journey.



PGS treatment in Thailand