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Although most people around think of going for IVF treatment in order to take care of their Infertility issues, Egg donation comes with a solution when the Female partner decides to delay her pregnancy due to certain health or other random reasons. Moreover, there are many people who prefer to look forward to egg donation services through certain agencies, there are other ones who look for the same all by themselves.

Why Egg donation services are required?

Egg donation services are required for a number of reasons and a person would like to go ahead while looking for the same because of:

  • Depleted ovarian reserve
  • Random issues like Premature menopause
  • Cases where the intended parents don’t want to pass over the genetic disease to their child

egg donation agency in BangkokWhile seeking Egg donor services are not a tough process, the person which will be donating the eggs has to go through certain medical tests and diagnosis to make sure that the Eggs they would be donating would be of high quality only. On the other hand, the Female partner who will be carrying the child also needs to undergo a number of extensive medical tests and Diagnoses in order to check their capability of carrying a child for a nine months period. That’s where the Medical and Professional counseling has come up as a big relief to all such people as they can be guided in the right path during the Journey in IVF.

Why Choose Bangkok Surrogacy for Egg Donation Services?

We, at Bangkok Surrogacy Thailand, are a part of the Renowned Become Parents Group which was launched in 2007 in Melbourne, Australia. Ever since then, the group is instrumental in supporting over 500 couples to see their dreams coming true through Surrogacy, Egg Donation, and IVF services. Our main motto is to make your ‘Surrogacy Journey stress-free, emotionally rewarding, and financially workable. To ensure the same with full effect, we provide all sorts of required guidance and support to the Intended Parents (IP) throughout their IVF journey, from the point of their first inquiry till they take the baby home.

We have further tied up with some of the best IVF fertility clinics around India and the World and this is something that enables us to look forward to a number of high-quality Egg donor options for our valued clients.

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egg donation center in Thailand

egg donation in Bangkok