Finding a Surrogate Mother

When a couple tries to look for a surrogate mother for their surrogacy requirements, they always come through two choices: finding a surrogate mother in Bangkok via an agency or getting along with searching all by themselves. Although you might be saving some good money whilst looking for a surrogate mother on your own, there are lots of issues and aspects you might need to come across during the whole process.

Getting along with the agency to find a surrogate mother in Bangkok

It’s a fact that finding a surrogate isn’t an easy job at hand at all and this is the reason why most couples look around for a good surrogacy agency to take care of all the aspects of their surrogacy journey in the process. The couples need not worry about locating the surrogate, screening and matching it according to their preferences, and even dealing with the IVF clinic and the legal attorney to carry on with the whole journey altogether.

Selecting a surrogate mother

Before getting along with the selection process, the couples or the agency needs to ensure that the following criteria have been met

  • The surrogate must have been a successful pregnancy earlier
  • She must not be carrying any health or psychological issues
  • she must be aged around 25-29 years old
  • She must be supported by her family throughout the whole process
  • She must also be a resident of a state or country which allows surrogacy

These are a few of the aspects which need to be looked at whilst searching for a surrogate mother and if you are an intended parent who is looking to get along with an agency to take care of all the surrogacy aspects, we at Bangkok surrogacy are there for you at every step of your surrogacy journey.

Why choose Bangkok surrogacy?

Bangkok surrogacy is one of the leading names in the surrogacy world and made its own place in the world around with its most trusted, ethical, and affordable surrogacy programs for all the people around Bangkok. Established in 2007, we have grown into a brand that has helped thousands of couples over the years to realize their “Child “dreams. Moreover, we have our business reached some other parts of the globe like the UK, USA, Spain, Dubai, Australia, Ukraine, Canada, Kenya, and Cambodia. We have further partnered with some of the best IVF clinics in Bangkok in order to bring you only the best of the surrogacy programs and associated medical treatments.

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