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“We at Bangkok Surrogacy believe that price alone should not be the only reason why you would choose a particular agency. We also feel that it’s a combination of a range of factors that will determine choosing one agency above another.”

At Bangkok surrogacy, We have helped more than 500 couples from around the world in order to make their Parenting Dreams turned into Reality with the help of best-in-class Surrogacy, egg donation, and IVF services. 

While most countries have restricted surrogacy programs worldwide, the become parents group offers surrogacy programs that are flexible for parents from all parts of the world. Surrogacy in many countries is very well regulated and supported by the local authorities making them rare and favorable countries to pursue surrogacy. As per the laws, surrogacy contracts are very strict and stern making serious decisions about the child being fully owned by the Intended Parents from the moment of conception. Right after the Birth takes place and the certificate is issued with the names of the Intended Parents the child belongs to them completely with the surrogate having no relationship with the kid or the family. Become parents are proud to offer these services in countries like Kenya, Ukraine, Georgia, Bangkok, the USA, Canada, and Australia.

While we got our main office located in the heart of the city of Bangkok, we have our global outreach to many other cities around the world (Bangkok, Mumbai, Barcelona, Melbourne, Cape Town, Seoul, and Tel Aviv). Unlike other Surrogacy Agencies across the globe, we provide Proper care and accommodation to our Surrogates with all the required amenities. Moreover, even after the baby is born, we offer all the required care to the surrogates and don’t let them feel like they have just been used for Surrogacy purposes.

We further ensure making the surrogacy journey of our Intended parents hassle-free by providing them end-to-end support during the whole course. This whole process includes finding the perfect surrogate mother, egg donor selection, and accommodating your whole trip while working with the best doctors’ clinics and lawyers to get the best and most ‘ethical legal advice. With our founders being former intended parents too, we understand the pain and struggle you got to go through while looking for a solution for your Baby’s dreams.

We have tied up with some of the best IVF clinics in Bangkok and that’s how we ensure only the best IVF and Surrogacy services to be delivered to our valuable clients. While having an experience of more than 11 years on our backs, we have provided Top notch services with great satisfaction to every client we have dealt with so far.

Client Satisfaction as our biggest Priority

We always ensure taking care of your choices and preferences and therefore our staff here at Bangkok surrogacy undertakes the best procedures and processes in order to fulfill all your needs and requirements in regard to Surrogacy and IVF services.

Our Office headquartered in Bangkok

With our office located in the heart of Bangkok city, we got all the knowledge and experience about the local life and culture. Moreover, working along with the best IVF clinics in the city for the past 3 years, we understand the importance of offering great services along with all the support required during the whole course of your IVF and Surrogacy journey.

Low-cost solutions

We understand that Money doesn’t grow on trees and each and every client comes on board with their own budget limitations, we always offer Customized packages according to the needs and requirements of the specific clients. As our own founder is a former IP, we always understand the pain and struggle you got to go through during the whole Surrogacy journey and that’s why our end-to-end support with low-cost surrogacy solutions is always there to back you.

Bringing only high-quality Surrogates on board

The Surrogates we pick are not just based on random selection and you are not going to be pressurized by our side from picking a surrogate from the given profiles or photos of the Surrogates. Instead, our IVF specialist picks the same after thorough checks and it would then be forwarded to you for your selection. We further match the Social, ethical, and mental aspects as required by you in the surrogates we are bringing on board for further agreement.

Dealing with the best Industry Professionals

We, at Bangkok surrogacy will further refer you to the best medical, psychological, insurance, financial and legal professionals around the country and the globe. Moreover, all these experts will join us in our Journey to provide you with the best IVF and Surrogacy services.

Backed by 12 years of experience and Industry Knowledge

The director of Bangkok Surrogacy is coming from an extensive educational background and experienced great success in various other businesses before founding Bangkok Surrogacy. Therefore, you can always be stay ensured of getting only the best and knowledge based solution and advice coming from a center with proven success in various business streams.

Background check of the Surrogates

Once we are through with the matching process, we make the surrogates go through various medical and psychological evaluations keeping your expectations in mind. We further conduct a thorough check into their Background history and ensure doing all the required verifications in order to ascertain the Social image of the Surrogate before getting them onboard and further Interviews their husbands/partners when and wherever required.

What we need from you?

We would further been interested in getting an essence of your needs and requirements and while that would help us in going ahead with the selection of the Surrogate based on your Moral and Ethical views, this would also assist us in getting a more thorough look of what you are looking for. Moreover, all the Surrogates in our program comes with their past pregnancy records, insurance policies, a letter of good health issued by their respective doctor along with all the screenings before you meet them.

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