Surrogacy for Same Sex Couple in Kenya: Your Key to Realize your Parenthood Dreams is here!

Surrogacy for Same Sex Couple in Kenya: Your Key to Realize your Parenthood Dreams is here!

Surrogacy in Kenya is a low cost, yet ethical surrogacy option for couples looking to realize their child seeking dreams. Still, given the unregulated nature of surrogacy in the kenya, the intended parents’ needs to be very careful.

On the other side, if you are looking for surrogacy for same sex couple in Kenya, you need to take some extra precautions in the same context.

Is surrogacy legal in Kenya?

Surrogacy is unregulated in Kenya i.e it is neither banned nor permitted. So, you can proceed with surrogacy without any concerns and complications. Additionally, you must work well with the top surrogacy agency in Kenya, which will support you during the entire surrogacy procedure.

As per Kenyan family law, everyone has the right to form a family, irrespective of their sexual preference. Still, given the absence of stern laws and regulations in the country, you must stay wary of falling into the wrong hands during the same process.

Surrogacy in Kenya


How to proceed with surrogacy for same sex couples in Kenya?

Regardless of their sexual orientation, Kenya allows every couple to follow their parental goals. This implies that any couple, including gay, lesbian, and single parents, is free to pursue a surrogacy arrangement within the country’s legal boundaries.

However, it’s more about the random individuals and religious groups that exist in the nation who do not accept same-sex parents in accordance with their social and cultural values.

So, in order to be a same-sex parent, you must first locate the best surrogacy agency before carefully planning and carrying out the arrangement in accordance with the given guidelines and instructions.

On the other side, if you are a gay couple or individual pursuing surrogacy in Kenya, you may need to connect with an egg donor to proceed with an IVF treatment. At the same time, you may have to connect with a sperm donor given you are a lesbian couple or individual.

Initial consultation with the surrogacy agency

It all starts with an initial consultation with the surrogacy agency. Being a same sex couple, you need to explain the surrogacy expert regarding all your expectations and requirements with the arrangement. After taking a note of the same, the expert would make you undergo certain tests and diagnosis

Finalizing the surrogate mother and the surrogacy contract

They will then finalise a surrogate mother to best suit your personalized requirements. The same surrogate mother would then undergo random tests to confirm her eligibility in the surrogacy program. Once done, the surrogacy professionals would ensure the drafting of the surrogacy agreement.

As a matter of fact, this surrogacy agreement would include all the details regarding the roles and responsibilities of every party involved. This would further mention about the surrogacy cost in Kenya to be paid by the intended parents.

Embryo transfer process

The same sex couple may also need to bring and egg donor or sperm donor to undertake the IVf process. Under the strict supervision of the medical professionals, the embryo would be transferred to the womb of the surrogate mother.

The medical professionals would wait for the pregnancy to be confirmed and post its birth, the name of the intended parents would be listed on the birth certificate of the child as a legal parent.

In accordance with the law as it exists, the intended parents are the child’s legal guardians from the outset, and their names will appear on the birth certificate. The majority of same-sex parents choose this nation over other nations like UK and the USA because of the low surrogacy cost in Kenya.

Surrogacy cost in Kenya

Kenya offers gay surrogacy at a significantly lower cost than the USA, UK, Canada, and other nations. In addition, the Kenyan surrogate mother would rather reside at their own home than in a facility or accommodations provided by the service provider or the intended parents. This is where the intended parents can significantly reduce the cost associated with the surrogate mother’s living expenses and general well-being.

Final words

Therefore, before considering Gay surrogacy in Kenya, you must carefully consider all the information provided. Additionally, speaking with a surrogacy agency is strongly advised because it will enable you to locate the finest and most practical solution, regardless of the conditions and complications on your way through to your parenthood dreams.

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