Why Surrogacy in Canada is Generally Recommended?

Why Surrogacy in Canada is Generally Recommended?

A lot has been said and hyped about surrogacy in Canada over the past few years. While few call it as the best surrogacy destination for every intended parent, others point fingers towards its cost effective medical services.

Still, the big question is- Should you go for surrogacy treatment in Canada? Let’s find out in the below parts of this article while analyzing and assessing every related fact.

Over viewing surrogacy in Canada

Canada still stands as one of the only countries that permit surrogacy for everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation or citizenship. Additionally, Canada is fairly effective at providing legitimate parental rights.

Depending on the province, IPs can often be recognized as the child’s legal parents in a matter of days without much problem, and they can receive a birth certificate in a matter of weeks. Moreover, a passport can be granted and the families can quickly return home and begin their general rutine because every child born in Canada has the right to citizenship.

Surrogacy in Canada


Surrogacy cost in Canada

Intended parents must know that surrogacy comes at a cost in Canada, regardless of whether you go on your own or via a surrogacy agency in Canada.

That said, women here have access to high-quality, publicly-funded medical care throughout their pregnancies, deliveries, and postpartum periods. A Canadian surrogate who works may also be eligible for employment insurance payments after giving birth, up to a maximum of $6,500.

Taking all the elements into consideration, we can say that one can opt for a surrogacy program for around $150000 to $250000 in this part of the world. That said, the cost may go higher if you are bringing an egg donor or sperm donor into the picture.

Moreover, it would further be impacted by other factors like number of IVF cycles, medications cost, cost of surrogate mother and so on.

What type of surrogacy is legal in Canada?

As per surrogacy laws in Canada, only altruistic surrogacy is permitted in Canada. So, being an intended parent, you cannot opt for commercial surrogacy in this part of the planet. On the other side, the surrogate cannot be paid more than the agreed cost to her medical care and support.

The Assisted Human Reproduction Act makes it a crime in Canada to pay a woman to carry a child for you or to hire a third party to make arrangements for her to do so. This prohibition has generated a great deal of anxiety for Canadian would-be parents who want to start their kids with the aid of a surrogate since the law was first passed in 2004. They have every right to worry that they would be charged with paying a surrogate, and the punishment is severe: up to 10 years in prison and a fine of $500,000. According to reports, this prohibition by surrogacy laws in Canada has pushed some Canadian families to travel abroad to find surrogates.

It’s true that foreign IPs entering Canada will still be subject to the existing restrictions, including those against undertaking sex selection or paying for local egg or sperm donations. However, the majority of Canadians resides close to the American border and can easily utilize the services provided there. This capacity to benefit from the best aspects of both systems further increases Canada’s allure.

Why Canada is deemed as one of the most popular surrogacy destination?

Given its top notch medical support, Canada stands as the top choice for many child seeking parents around. Moreover, Canadian medical professionals, attorneys, and surrogacy agencies in Canada actively seek out intended parents throughout the world.

Representatives of the sector are more than eager to highlight Canada’s many advantages to foreign parents if they are not already aware of them. That said, Canada is a fantastic location for surrogacy for all of the aforementioned reasons. Besides, there are already a ton of individuals who get intrigued by the top notch services offered by various facilities within the country.

Final words

While you will get top class medical support, surrogacy cost in Canada may come a bit higher for many. That said, depending on whether it’s a vaginal or surgical delivery, the cost of an uncomplicated birth in Canada ranges from $3,000 to $6,000.

On the other side, care for newborns can be very expensive. For instance, the Canadian Institute of Health Information estimates that the average cost of treatment for a baby born at 29 weeks and weighing less than a kilogram is $91,946.

So, you must always connect with a reputed surrogacy clinic that got all the required knowledge of surrogacy laws in Canada.

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